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Welcome To The Shepherd's Center for Counseling Services

The Shepherd's Center for Counseling Services is moving to a new location. And we are being joined by 6 other highly qualified therapists. Our move in date is October 1st, 2017.

We will be located at 6626 Wagner Way NW, Suite 200 (upstairs), in Gig Harbor, Washington. We will be able to provide an even greater variety of counseling services for families and individuals throughout the Puget Sound area.

If you are looking for help in refreshing your life with new courage, new insight, and new communication tools to make your efforts work, please consider responding to our website in the ''Contact Us'' section for more information or an appointment. Learn about each of our therapists on the ''Clinicians'' page. We will be adding our new therapists' profiles soon, so be sure to visit our website again.

We are prepared as a group of highly skilled and caring mental health therapists who are comfortable integrating matters of faith if so desired, as you seek to resolve whatever issues you wish to address in counseling.

We have purposely formed our group to provide you with the best quality and diversity of care possible through our united efforts. We understand that some who come to us don`t really know what is wrong, they just know they need ''relief.'' We`re here to help each person figure out what is disrupting his or her life and offer guidance to work through it. Often it is a relatively simple process, sometimes it is more difficult. That`s where our skills come in, to help you unsnarl the confusion. We offer confidential help to clients of all ages, of any race or faith, from early childhood on to ''seasoned'' citizens.

Some of our clinicians work with people suffering from addictions, compulsive behaviors, trauma, grief, children and teenage issues, the effects of chronic illness, abuse and its related issues, all sorts of conflict, communication breakdowns, depression, and more. Each of our counselors usually has a specialty, which can easily be found looking over our Clinicians page, or by contacting us. We want you to be able to find your safe place here with the therapist of your choice for whatever emotional or mental health assistance you may need. We want you to know that you are not alone! We believe that as you enter our offices, you will understand that we want to show you how important you are to us and others. We will treat you as the worthwhile individual God made you, in a confidential and caring way.

Just go to the ''Contact Us'' page or call one of our counselors directly at 253-858-2224. The phone welcome message lists our counselors' extension numbers. Our FAX number is (253)858-2254. We`re just a click or a phone call away. Check us out on Facebook too!

So, again, if you are looking for help, we`re looking forward to meeting you very soon!


The Shepherd's Center for Counseling Services
The Shepherd's Center for Counseling Services

(253) 858-2224
FAX: (253) 858-2254

Click to Call: 253-858-2224

6626 Wagner Way NW, Suite 200, Gig Harbor, WA 98335

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